Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So, my camera is broken

Hence, no updates because there are no pictures.

And it couldn't be at a worse time! Everything is coming up and looks amazing. But what I really love is the smell. A garden has different scents throughout the year and my favorite is the Spring Scent. The earth gives off a musty, damp smell and the newly blooming flowers (in my case lavender, white lilac, and some crazy red flower/shrub) give off the most amazing aroma. It just smells alive.

I planted 3 heirloom apple trees last week - pearmain, suntan and a pippin cross - as well as a Santa Rosa plum. All 4 of the are beginning to bud out. In fact, the plum has very defined green leaves already. Not too shabby for what I thought was a dead bundle of sticks when I opened the box. If you have a desire to plant fruit trees, I suggest checking out They had a wonderful selection and the prices were very fair.

As the month winds to a close, I'm hoping that the bees will be installed and I'll finally have a real fence built around the chicken run. But as is the way with an active garden - there are always more plans and changes then time to do them in...

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