Monday, March 2, 2009

What's in the box? Mushrooms!

I'm a mushroom lover. As a kid, I looked forward to spring so I could head out with my grandpa morel mushroom hunting. I loved wondering around the forest, pushing leaves around with my stick and trying to find the biggest mushroom.

So imagine my joy about 3 months ago when Finn and I found 2 mini-morel mushrooms growing in our backyard. Despite my childhood knowledge, I couldn't bring myself to eat them out of fear that they were possibly false morels. If only we could grow our own mushrooms...

And then - kismet! Two months ago I found a cardboard box at the garden store that promised I could grow mushrooms at home, if i just bought and brought it home. Since I can't hunt mushrooms, I could grow them! Awesome!

Per instructions, we had to wait until at least Feb. 9 to open it. So, for a few weeks, the mushroom box sat on my laundry room counter completely sealed so it didn't become contaminated.

Finally, about 2 weeks ago, David and the boys mixed up the contents of the box, watered it well, and sat it out of direct sun and ambient light in an area of at least 65 degrees.

And now we have mini-portabella mushrooms! They're doubling in size daily and should be ready for harvesting sometime next week.

For the record, if you ever want to hunt some of the best morel mushrooms in the world, head to Mesick, Michigan - Morel Mushroom Capital of the World and my preferred stomping ground.

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  1. I LOVE mushrooms! You are so lucky!! They look wonderful!